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Make a Difference


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Make your connection.

Making it in the world today is easier when you have some help. The right help can change your life – and the lives of others.

Manchester Connect is a program comprised of Manchester University alumni and friends willing to share their time, talents and experience with prospective students, current students and other alumni. Those connections can happen any time, any place, with those willing to make a difference. You can help a student or young graduate now and empower them to help other students and graduates in the future.

Mentor connections

Participate in informational interviews
Answer students’ questions about your job and career field via e-mail or phone.

Serve as a career mentor
Make a one-year commitment to mentor a student who is interested in your career field.

Host students at work
Alumni always enjoy hosting students at their workplaces to introduce them to the various job opportunities available. 

Allow a student to job-shadow
Welcome a current student to spend a day or two with you at your workplace. The value gained from this type of experience is immeasurable.

Speak on campus
Speak to a class about your career, research or current work. Students love to talk to successful alumni of all ages when it comes to careers, career paths, preparation and opportunities. They also like hearing about graduate schools and other professional training. Come to campus and share your story.

Provide student or class projects
Students appreciate the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge in a specific career field by conducting research, producing materials, or solving business problems.

Recruiting connections

Recruit at a career fair
Find candidates from Manchester or recommend Manchester as a recruiting source to your employer. 

Post job openings
One of the easiest ways to connect with current students is to post your company's job openings with the Office of Career Services. This gives students a jump on the application process and helps connect them to alumni with an inside track at their companies. 

Conduct job interviews
If you are willing to come to campus and conduct job interviews on behalf of your company, let us know. 

Provide internships
Many alumni provide internships to undergraduates during a semester, summer or January session. If an internship is possible at your company, please contact us.  

Personal connections

Promote Manchester
Request materials about Manchester University so you have them on hand to share with your children, neighbors and others who might be a good fit for MU. If you are willing to visit your local high school with an MU admissions counselor, let us know.

Recommend a student
Share your valuable experiences, provide information about the University and help potential students connect to Manchester. Put them in touch with MU staff who can guide them through the admissions process by completing the Recommend a Student Form. To connect with Admissions, please call 260-982-5055.

Visit campus
Bring the neighbor high school students and their parents back to your alma mater for a visit or campus event. Bring your children and their friends, too! 

Mentor students
Mentor students in a First-Year Seminar course. All first-year students participate in this course during the fall semester. Alumni mentors, along with student orientation leaders and faculty members, make up a team that helps guide students through their first year at Manchester. Along with being assigned to a course, alumni mentors interact with students via e-mail, provide snacks during finals week, and encourage students who may be having a rough time adjusting. Training is provided to help the mentor utilize campus resources as needed. 

Chitchat and Chai
Sign up to spend a few hours with students on campus. Grab a cup of coffee or chai at Sisters Café or Wilbur's and connect with students who share your Manchester major. Encourage and inspire them with your stories of Manchester.

Welcome student volunteers
Students volunteer each summer and during January session in various parts of the country and, for many, it's a trip to the unknown. Let them know that someone from Manchester is there. Pick them up at the airport, invite them to dinner and welcome them to your town.

Provide housing for students
When planning career exploration trips for students, you can help lessen expenses by opening your home to a few students for a night or two. Your help in coordinating other housing options for a trip to your city is also helpful. Career exploration trips typically include tours of corporations and businesses, interviews with employees about their careers, and discussions with successful alumni.  

Alumni connections

Welcome new alumni to your area
Manchester graduates locate all over the United States for many reasons. Welcome them. Have coffee or dinner with them and let them know you are available for support, encouragement and to answer questions.

Serve on a focus group
Volunteer to meet two or three times a year to discuss programming for alumni in your geographic area. Alert the alumni office of opportunities to have a presence at festivals, 5k runs, community service days and more.

Serve on a board
Volunteer to serve on the Alumni Association Board or other Manchester advisory boards as needed.

Attend events
Attend events, including Homecoming, reunions, Happy Hours, tailgates, baseball outings, zoo outings, community day in your town or an evening at the theatre. Meet and network with alumni who live near you.

How do you start?

Complete a Manchester Alumni Volunteer Form.

Let us know how you'd like to get involved. We'll contact you when an opportunity arises. We'll also send you an occasional e-mail to keep you up-to-date with ongoing recruiting and networking opportunities available in the Alumni and Career Services Offices.

You may also contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 888-257-2586 or

If you'd like to help Manchester students but don't feel you have the time, please consider a gift to The Manchester Fund, which helps students in many ways, including financial aid and scholarships.