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On August 16, 2021, the bells from the Chime were removed by crane from the Administration Building. The ten bells were taken to Verdin Company, where they will be refurbished for use in the new Chime Tower, to be constructed by the 100th anniversary of their initial installation. The tower will be located in the center of the mall for all of campus to hear. We cannot wait for the first concert played on the new Chime in 2022!

If you missed it, you can view the removal in the photos and video below. Be sure to check back here often for an update on the bells, construction of the Chime Tower, ribbon cutting, and dedication information.

Video Recording

Watch this video recording from College Avenue from Aug. 16 as the Chime bells were moved. The recording is nearly 10 hours long, so feel free to fast forward to the "action."

Time Lapse Recording 

Chime Photos

Check out our photo album of the removal of the bells on Aug. 16.


... And enjoy these Chime photos from our archives!


History of the Chime Zoom Event

Watch a recording of a live Zoom event held June 22, 2021, emceed by Kylee Rosenbaum '11 Moss, director of alumni relations, with former chimist Lila VanLue '79 Hammer, who shares some history about the Chime, and Melanie Harmon, vice president for advancement, who provides an update about the restoration and relocation of the Chime.

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