A student works out


A student working out
Wellness and Sport Performance Center $6 Million

Manchester Bold seeks $6 million to construct a Wellness and Sport Performance Center near the Physical Education and Recreation Center.

A multi-use indoor wellness facility, the Wellness and Sport Performance Center is for all students – those in NCAA Division III, intramural and recreational sports, and those who simply want a healthy lifestyle.

The sheer number of active students has created a crunch for wellness and conditioning resources.

Manchester students need more space and equipment for healthy fun, to train year-round, to prevent injury, and to build habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The Difference You Will Make
  • The Wellness and Sport Performance Center will allow more students to stay physically fit and make healthy choices.
  • At Manchester, we encourage students to discover their best selves. Whether they compete at the NCAA Division III level or just want to have fun with friends, the Wellness and Sport Performance Center will contribute to a richer, healthier college experience.
  • Better facilities will encourage prospective students to choose Manchester over other colleges and universities.
  • Strong bodies and minds go together, helping students perform academically.
  • Real-life learning opportunities will expand for students in Manchester academic programs such as exercise science and athletic training. There is potential to provide rehabilitation and therapeutic services through those and other health science programs.
  • More space and equipment mean that student-athletes will gain flexibility on the student side of their schedules – more time to take advantage of tutoring, research experiments, service learning and internships.