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Giving Boldly: Endowment


Watch a video about endowment and then give boldly.
Endowment $8 Million

You wouldn't build your dream house without a solid foundation. That's what the endowment is to Manchester - a strong footing upon which to build the future and the dreams of every student. Invested to earn income, the endowment is a permanent asset designed to endure through perpetuity. The steady stream of revenue helps Manchester plan, and it provides things the University could not afford otherwise.

Endowed funds can help students study abroad, perform service learning, conduct undergraduate research, complete a professional internship, or even be used for scholarships. These experiences are especially pivotal for first-generation, low income and minority students who - with this enrichment - are more likely to succeed and persist to graduation.

Manchester is developing a signature program for those high-impact experiences. Support for this program, through endowed funds, will ensure students equal access regardless of their financial circumstances. It also will provide grants for faculty curriculum development and it will help Manchester attract talented students who seek a distinctive liberal arts experience.

As always, the endowment remains a vital source of financial aid. Manchester welcomes all students who qualify academically, regardless of their financial circumstances. Most of their families, however, cannot afford the full cost of their students' education. Endowed scholarships help close the gap between the family's ability to pay and the cost of their education.

For many, endowed scholarships make education possible. They help hold down student debt, make it easier for students to pursue graduate or professional degrees, and give them a better start to their adult lives.

The Difference You Will Make
  • A new signature program will help Manchester students, regardless of financial circumstances, with access to high-impact experiences such as study abroad, service learning, research and internships.
  • High-impact experiences for at-risk students increase their engagement in learning and encourage them to persist to graduation.
  • Unrestricted endowment gifts provide flexibility for Manchester to weather challenges such as stock market fluctuations or students with exceptional financial need.
  • Faculty will have the resources to improve their teaching through research, curriculum design and innovation that engages their students.
  • Faculty research support helps bring their role as scholar back into balance with teaching and advising loads.
  • Endowed scholarships help keep college affordable and often make the difference in whether students can attend college.
  • Endowment funds that provide a dependable revenue stream help Manchester budget for short-term operating expenses and long-term needs.
  • Invested soundly, endowment funds last in perpetuity and grow in value over time.
  • A strong endowment provides vital stability for small, independent colleges and universities like Manchester that are tuition-dependent.
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