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Giving Boldly: Funderburg Learning Commons

Watch a video about the Funderburg Library and then give boldly.
Funderburg Library $5.5 Million

Today's college students learn much differently than their parents and grandparents. Research is digital. Courses can be online. And a multimedia presentation may be as crucial to success as a written test or term paper.

They need a space where they can focus on their work, on their own or with like-minded peers.

Manchester Bold will transition Funderburg Library into a learning commons that helps students develop skills in research, multimedia communication and collaborative problem solving. These tools will support them on their journey to graduation and beyond to a world that is ever changing.

A 21st century, technology-rich learning commons will bring students, faculty and staff together in an environment that amplifies student achievement. It will foster the excitement of discovery and encourage students to own their learning for the rest of their lives.

The library has 3D printing and virtual reality equipment for students, and they will be more fully utilized when space is set aside for learning and creating with it.

Much-needed electrical updates will accommodate the expanding use of electronic learning devices, and a mix of quiet and collaborative study spaces will promote learning. The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) will have a flexible space, helping faculty develop curriculum and learn how to use technology and social media more fully as educational tools. CETL will also expand its role as a professional development resource for faculty and staff to learn new skills and share ideas.

Funderburg is also home to the Manchester University Archives and Peace Studies Church of the Brethren Collection. Generous alumni and friends of Manchester have donated collections over the decades. Storage of those items – many of them fragile – requires a larger, climate-controlled space that can be fully secured.

The Difference You Will Make
  • A dynamic learning commons will become the academic heart of campus, reflecting what Manchester values most.
  • A more vibrant, modern atmosphere and more suitable spaces will inspire students to take risks, explore, experiment, create and collaborate.
  • Quiet study and group study areas will accommodate a range of needs and learning styles.
  • A state-of-the art learning commons will help attract academically strong students to MU and provide additional resources for all students.
  • More spaces like the Walker Active Learning Classroom will enable students to develop professional-level presentations with recording technology and smartboards, and to collaborate in study groups and work projects.
  • A new HVAC system, roof and windows will improve energy efficiency throughout the building and ultimately help hold down student costs. It will also help preserve Manchester’s extensive collections.
  • The expanded archives will protect unique collections that tie us to our past and provide learning experiences for students in how to care for, restore and use them in research.
  • A space set aside for 3D printing and virtual reality learning experiences will expand students’ accessibility to 21st century resources.