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Giving Boldly: The Manchester Fund

Watch a video about The Manchester Fund and give boldly
The Manchester Fund $11 Million

Tuition alone has never covered the full cost of a Manchester education. The Manchester Fund ensures that the University can focus on teaching and learning while also handling the day-to-day realities of operating two busy campuses.

When students have higher-than-average financial need or experience cuts in government aid, The Manchester Fund helps keep them in school. When a roof springs a leak or an air conditioner breaks, The Manchester Fund is there to help fix it. When winter weather is exceptionally harsh, The Manchester Fund helps pay unexpectedly high utility costs and makes sure parking lots and sidewalks are safe for walking.

In other words, The Manchester Fund bridges gaps and addresses most urgent needs.

In recent years, the fund has upgraded plumbing and improved light in East Hall bathrooms, tuned campus pianos, and provided stronger Wi-Fi signals. Sometimes, it helps students seize opportunities. When the Spartan baseball team qualified for the national championship in Wisconsin, The Manchester Fund paid travel expenses for the team and coaches.

The fund also helps pay for laboratory equipment, subscriptions for the library, student activities and services such as health and career development. The Manchester Fund has averaged $1.08 million annually over five years. Manchester Bold aims to grow the fund by 2 percent each year going forward, to help keep up with inflation. With an adequate annual fund, Manchester can say yes to opportunities that enrich our students' holistic experience.

The Difference You Will Make
  • Financial aid helps fill the gaps between what students pay and the cost of their education, allowing them to stay at Manchester and graduate.
  • University staff members can keep buildings clean, safe and in good repair, and keep our grounds beautiful.
  • Manchester can meet its most pressing needs not covered by any other source.
  • When the University can handle day-to-day challenges, students have a seamless experience.
  • Technology upgrades improve student learning.
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies encourage students to explore and discover.
  • Subscriptions, books and other online resources enable students to research for class assignments, papers and presentations.
  • Events such as Homecoming and May Day provide students with lifelong Manchester memories.
  • When students can present at conferences or Spartan athletic teams advance in tournaments, Manchester can cover their travel expenses.
The difference you will make in the lives of MU students