Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

College of Pharmacy, Natural and Health Sciences

If your future is in the sciences, you've come to the right place. Manchester has a history of excellence and innovation in the sciences and continues to build a strong reputation based on the success of our graduates – well-rounded professionals who not only excel in their careers, but who are guided by principles of compassion, integrity and an aspiration for the greater good.

Unique hands-on opportunities and a rich, well-rounded liberal arts curriculum set Manchester apart. Generous scholarship packages for all students make us a great choice for affordable excellence.

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Did you know?

100 percent of Master of Athletic Training graduates from Manchester have passed the Board of Certification exam on their first try!



pharmacy, natural and health science programs are offered and supported.



Learn from faculty members who double as scientists, coaches, mathematicians, engineers, athletic trainers, developers and more.


"My favorite thing about my major has definitely been all the field work experience.”

Cassi, Environmental Studies Major, Griffith, Ind.