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Pharmacogenes: Scientific Background

This offering of "Pharmacogenes: Scientific Background" is a truncated version of the original book "Pharmacogenes: Scientific Background and Clinical Applications". We are offering this version as the scientific background is still up to date. However, in the rapidly changing world of clinical pharmacogenomics, some of the information in the original is now outdated. We want to make sure readers are up to date with the information and therefore made the decision to truncate the book, excising the drug-gene chapters.

If you are interested in a new book, with up to date information see the link below. Please note that the new offering will have online updates to keep the information current. The hard-copy is currently available and the parallel online version with updates will be available soon. The book, "Pharmacogenomics: Foundations, Competencies and the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process", is from the American Pharmacists Association. 

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Pharmacogenomics: Foundations, Competencies and the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process