After you've submitted your application...

Don't forget these next steps!

If you've already completed the Undergraduate Student Application, congratulations, you've made your first step toward joining the Manchester community!

The rest is easy. Just make sure to follow these next steps to complete your application:

  • The Guidance Counselor Reference Form is to be completed and returned by your High School Guidance Counselor. Download and print a copy here, or your Guidance Counselor may choose to file it electronically. Ask your Guidance Counselor.
  • Your high school transcripts also should be requested from your High School Guidance Counselor.

Please make an appointment with him or her to request both of these items.

After we've received everything, you should expect to receive a notification about your admission to Manchester University within two weeks!

If you've already been accepted to Manchester:

The next step to securing your spot is sending your deposit. Depositing early will give you a better chance at getting your preferred housing and let us know you're serious about joining our community! Find out more here.

Contact us at 800-852-3648 or with any questions. 

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