Academic Majors

Manchester strives for excellence throughout our 60+ areas of study. Our faculty and staff are passionate for teaching and mentoring and inspire and challenge students to acquire a deeper understanding and curiosity. Through hands-on learning and the development of critical thinking skills, students gain a leadership and competitive edge that lead to a placement rate averaging 95 percent over the last five years. Check out our areas of study.

Study Abroad

At Manchester, learning happens inside the classroom, throughout our community and around the globe. About 45 percent of our students take advantage of our study abroad opportunities. Whether they spend a semester in Mexico, a year in France, or  go to Nicaragua for a Medical Practicum during January session, our students get rich, immersive experiences that set them apart. Get more information about our study abroad program.

Honors Program

Manchester’s Honors Program is designed for academically strong students to push themselves and to make their education what they want it to be. It echoes the lengths that the passionate faculty and staff go to at Manchester. Students in the Honors Program work directly with the professors to design their honors projects, papers and theses. In turn, students get a college degree they helped to design, as well as a stronger connection with our faculty.


Through close relationships and mentoring, students have the encouragement they need for success. In our Success Center, students get academic support, help with writing projects and career resources when they're ready to start thinking about the next steps in their lives. Learn more about our Success Center.
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