Science Pathways Academy

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If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in one of several science majors (Biology, Chemistry, Biology-Chemistry, or Environmental Studies), you are eligible to apply for admission to the Science Pathways Academy. Students in this four-year program engage in activities that will help them transform into successful science professionals, including frequent opportunities to interact and network with practicing science professionals from a diverse array of science careers.

If accepted into the Science Pathways Academy, you will join a learning group of fellow science majors who:

- enroll in Academy-specific sections of your first-year science courses;
- engage in early biology and chemistry research;
- participate in a four-year mentoring network; and
- take career preparation seminars that assist you in preparing for a rewarding science career.

To apply for the Science Pathways Academy, please complete a secondary application for admission that includes a 400-600 word essay and math and chemistry readiness tests. Selection is based on high school academic record and intent to complete a bachelor’s degree in a science major.

Key components of the Science Pathways Academy

Year 1

Normal coursework with special sections of research-based lab and FYS:

Course Credit hours
Principles of Biology with lab*8 hours (fall/spring)
General Chemistry with lab*8 hours (fall/spring)
First-Year Seminar3 hours (fall)
Other courses10 hours
*Most common first-year science courses. Can adjust by consulting with program directors.
  • Have a peer mentor

Year 2

Normal coursework with career exploration seminar

CourseCredit hours
All normal coursework30 hours
Exploring STEM Careers I (site visits)1 hour (spring)
  • Have a peer mentor
  • Have an alumni mentor

Year 3

Normal coursework with career development seminar

CourseCredit hours
All normal coursework30 hours
Exploring STEM Careers II (career dev.)1 hour (spring)
  • Have an alumni mentor
  • Be a peer mentor

Year 4

Normal coursework with career preparation seminar

CourseCredit hours
All normal coursework30 hours
Additional career preparation (GRE/resume prep)1 hour (fall)
  • Have a professional mentor
  • Be a peer mentor

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

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