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Applying to Manchester University is easy.

If you've looked at our academic programs and checked out student life at Manchester University and liked what you saw, then you should absolutely apply!

The links above will take you to the appropriate application for each of Manchester's academic programs. Here are some brief explanations of each application to help you make the correct selection.

  • If you are a student seeking your first Associate's or Bachelor's Degree, you'll use the Undergraduate Student Application. Note that, along with your application there is one additional document required to complete application process:
  • Your high school transcripts – These, too, should be requested from your High School Guidance Counselor.

Please make an appointment with him or her to request your transcripts to be sent to Manchester.


If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Manchester's Office of Admissions.

Science - Manchester pre-med students get accepted into medical school at a rate of 95 percent!

Exercise Science -  ES majors specialize in physical education, athletic training and fitness and recreation.

Education - MU education students get more than 900 hours of classroom experience, starting their first year!

Research - At the Student Research Symposium, students dig deeper into whatever they're passionate about!

Or choose from more than 70 areas of study!