Fast Forward FAQs

What majors can I complete in the Fast Forward Program?
Every major offered by Manchester can be completed through Fast Forward. Some have specific eligibility crieteria; for example, students interested in physics must be ready for calculus their first year at Manchester. 

Why are the admissions criteria for Fast Forward students higher than the criteria for other applicants?
Fast Forward students are motivated and bright. They are motivated by the opportunity to finish faster, save money, and start their careers or graduate school sooner. The must be academically prepared and disciplined enough to handle the challenge of full course loads during the academic year and online coursework in the summer.

What if I want to participate in four years of music or athletics or just college life in general?
Fast Forward isn't for everyone. Some students won't be interested and others won't be qualified. This is a special program for a select group of students.

What will my course load be during the academic year?
Fast Forward participants will average 16 semester hours each fall and spring. A normal full time load is between 12 and 16, so students won't be buried with classes. Students who transfer in some college credits will be able to take a lighter load in some semesters or the summer time.

What courses will I take in the summer?
All Fast Forward participants will take the same set of general education courses each summer. (General education courses are the courses every student must take.) This allows students to take courses in their major during the traditional academic year.

Do I need to live on campus in the summer?
No. Summer courses are offered online, allowing students to live anywhere during the summer. Students who want to live on campus in the summer can rent a room in a residence hall.

Can I study abroad if I'm in the Fast Forward program?
Yes. At minimum, all students can study abroad during January session if they so choose. A summer seminar program in India is also available in the summer. Students in some majors may also be able to spend a full semester abroad.

Will I be required to take overloads during the academic year?
No. Students will take full loads of 15 or 16 semester hours each term, but overloads aren't required.

How are college credits earned during high school treated?
Students will college credits to transfer in may be able to skip a summer of classes or take a lighter load in some semesters. It depends on how many and what credits they have to transfer.

How do I save $25,000 by finishing in three years?
Manchester's tuition is lower in the summers and students will be able to save a full year of room and board costs. Based on projected costs, the savings in billed costs are approximately $25,000.

How will my financial aid be handled?
Financial aid will be applied to a student's account to even out costs in each semester as much as possible. Manchester University aid and Federal loans are available each semester. For those who are eligible, Federal Pell grants will be prorated over the fall, spring and summer semesters. State grants will only apply in the fall and spring. The admissions office staff can help prospective students project aid and costs over the length of the program.

Can I sign up after I've started on a four-year schedule?
It is usually not possible to start the Fast Forward program after beginning a regular four-year schedule. Program participants take specific courses in the summer around which their academic year schedules are built.

Can I drop out of the program after I've started?
Yes. Students who start in the Fast Forward program can convert to a four-year schedule at any time.

Who will advise Fast Forward participants?
Fast Forward students will be advised by the same academic advisors that work with other students. They will help Fast Forward students stay on track to complete their programs in three years.

Who can answer other questions that I still have? 
 You can ask additional questions by calling the admissions office at 800-852-3648 or sending an e-mail to

Is there a deadline to apply for Fast Forward?
Yes, students must apply for the Fast Forward program by May 1. 

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