Clubs & Organizations

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    The College of Business Club (CBC) is designed to provide members with opportunities to develop leadership experiences; to provide exposure to business professions through presentations from guest speakers, both inside and outside the classroom; to provide a social organization for students to develop relationships with their peers as well as with prospective business partners and employers; and to relate what is learned in the classroom to the business world. The CBC consists of various committees that each have their own functions within the club; whether it be marketing, event planning, community outreach, programming, or professional development, each committee is determined to create events in which club members are able to excel within their fields of choice. The community outreach committee, for example, organizes a highway cleanup event each semester and also sponsors a food drive during the holidays, affording students in the club the opportunity to give back and to serve.

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    MAC Events

    Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Be sure to check the Manchester Activities Council (MAC) calendar, to make sure you aren’t missing an awesome event somewhere on campus. MAC brings stand-up comedians and hypnotists to Cordier Auditorium. They host games and events on the mall during MAC on the Mall and have a few holiday themed events throughout the school year.


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    Pride Week

    United Sexualities and Genders (USG) is an official student organization of Manchester University that supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, intersex, and ally (LGBTQIA) population. Each year the organization hosts “Pride Week”. This is a weeklong event that includes “All-Love Day”, “Day of Silence”, and the all-popular Gay Prom. Pride Week is another example of Manchester’s safe, sound and accepting community.

  • mock-trial

    Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is a competition among teams of students taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a hypothetical case. Manchester Team’s achievements include 5 national tournament bids and 2 Spirit of AMTA awards, plus numerous individual honors. You don’t have to be a law student to participate in this exciting contest of strategy and execution.

  • oakleaves

    Spectrum | Oak Leaves | Aurora

    Are you an aspiring writer, photographer or artist? You could write an article for The Oak Leaves, the campus newspaper. Manchester’s literary magazine, Spectrum, prints student submitted works. Aurora, the yearbook, is always looking for photos and photographers. If you have something to say or wish to display your talents, Manchester provides plenty of outlets.

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    Number of Student Organizations

    Choose from more than 60 student organizations to join, meet new friends, develop contacts in your field, and leave your mark on campus and the community!  No doubt you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re at it, too! And if there’s no club that suits your particular interest, you can start one yourself. Click here for a list of the current clubs and organizations on campus.

  • preprofessionals-of-science

    Pre-Professionals of Science Club

    The Pre-Professionals of Science Club helps students interested in becoming science professionals (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, optometrists, etc.) to prepare themselves to achieve their goals with organization and confidence. The club can help students participate in activities (internships, service) viewed positively by graduate schools and be more aware of how to better prepare for the professional admissions tests, interviews, and graduate school itself.

  • peace-week

    Peace Week

    Peace is an important part of Manchester’s DNA and something you’ll hear a lot about, especially during Peace Week, celebrated each spring. Festivities throughout the week include guest speakers, opportunities for peace activism, and the annual Empty Bowls event.

  • ultimate-frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Fast-paced and fun, Manchester’s Ultimate Frisbee Club represents the University in tournaments against other university teams and clubs. Manchester has embraced its popularity and even offers it as a physical education course! Sorry, you can't major in it though.

  • leadership

    A Potential for Leadership

    Are you born to lead? With a large number of campus organizations comes the even larger opportunity to secure a leadership position. Which can develop invaluable and vital skills that you will carry through to your career. Take advantage of this great opportunity and find out!

  • conferences

    Professional Conferences

    Student organizations often send representatives to professional conferences in their respective fields. Along with professional development they wouldn't get in the classroom, students make valuable connections that carry through to their professional careers.