Manchester University
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Students Sell Mugs, Benefit Vets

Students with Dave

Do you have some extra cash from your tax returns and need a place to spend it for a good cause? A class of upperclassmen business students have started their own business selling coffee mugs and Rosie's medallions for their senior case study course. All profits are given to the Wounded Warrior Project in order to help wounded soldiers get jobs, medical care, and to integrate them back into society. So, if you buy a mug, you are supporting Manchester students and helping to provide a better life for wounded veterans.Read more

Senior Art Major Showcases Work

Jessica Klemm by Haylee Parish

Add a pinch of nostalgia, a friendly sibling rivalry and the wonders of nature; combine with some natural talent and determination, and that’s the making and display of Jessica Klemm's senior art exhibition, "Nature's Aesthetics.” Read more