Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 4, 2019 issue

Featuring content by staff writers Carlos Argueta, Alex Baker, Ryan Daine, Carly Greaves, Erin Hickle, Jarred Hubbard, Mackenzie Kopplin, Chloe Leckrone and Erica Mohr.

MU Welcomes Future Spartans to Campus

Walk Into My Future 2 (Chloe)

The annual Walk into My Future event was hosted by Manchester University on Friday, Sept. 27. Seas of children, grades K-3, poured onto the mall and spent several hours exploring the activities provided by clubs, departments and teams... Read more

VIA Sparks Conversation about Violence against Women


He’s been called names from “man-gina” to “Katz-strated.” But Dr. Jackson Katz, a leader in the international movement of men who are working to prevent gender violence and promote gender equality, brushes aside those insults in his quest to educate and transform society.... Read more