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Oak Leaves

Screen Print Illustrations on Display on First Floor ACEN

Screen Prints for OL Home

Walking through the first-floor hall of the Academic Center, students are surrounded by artwork of familiar subject matter including popular movies and band concerts... Read more

New Intercultural Center Welcomes All

Intercultural Building 2 - CHLOE

Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center welcomed the campus to take part in an open house on Friday, Sept. 14. The building serves as a second home for international students, but accommodates all ethnicities, and provides an insight to different nationalities, experiences and backgrounds.
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Football 1

MU Football Looking Forward to Conference Opponents

After a tough start to begin the season, Manchester football is looking to flip the script as conference play continues. The Spartans were victorious at home versus Defiance College... Read more

Men's XC Keeps Pace with Competition
Men's Soccer Battles Exhaustion