Manchester University
Oak Leaves

Campus Power Shuts Down; Generates Frustrations

April showers brought lost power for the days of April 25 and 26 as Manchester University suffered a campus-wide power outage. Read more 

Students Emotionally Charged over Manchester Power Outage

On April 25, Manchester students across campus woke up to no lights, no air-conditioning or fans, and worst of all, no Wi-Fi. They might even have slept in, if they were depending on an electrical alarm clock. As the power outage lingered, students gathered in the Jo Young Switzer Center to get out of the sweltering heat of their room, charge their phones and check their emails. Read more 


Letter From Japan


On Saturday, April 29, my host family took me to visit Sapporo’s Hokkaido Museum in order to learn more about Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main four islands. The exhibitions include information about Hokkaido’s history from ancient times into the modern era and offer displays regarding ancient beasts, the cultures of different groups of people who inhabited Hokkaido, the ways in which Hokkaido’s society shifted into the modern age and its various ecosystems. Read more