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MU Keeps Liberal Arts Curriculum in Wake of IPFW Cutbacks

If you’re at all affiliated with Manchester University, then you are most likely aware of its strong connection with, and stance regarding, liberal arts. In today’s ever-changing world, and in keeping with its mission and values, Manchester University strives to serve students who want the breadth of a liberal arts education, and to educate the whole person, ensuring his or her lifelong success. Read more


The World Struts down the Runway

Fashion Show 1

Fashion lovers rejoice! The highly anticipated, biannual International Fashion Show will take place Friday, Nov. 18 in Cordier Auditorium. The show starts at 7 and will end around 8:15. 
The International Fashion Show will award VIA credit to the students who attend. Read more

Dr. Yañez 'Cares' For Venezuela

Dr. Arturo Yañez, professor of Spanish, who once crossed the Caribbean Ocean to teach in North America, now sends packages containing essential provisions back across that ocean to his family in Venezuela, now an economically and socially suffering country. Read more

'Climate Wars' VIA Gets Audience Heated

Gwynne Dyer is everything one would expect in an internationally renowned journalist: he’s personable, witty and down to earth. His VIA talk, “Climate Wars,” however, was a stark contrast to Dyer’s charming demeanor. It was a terrifying wake-up call on just how close the disastrous effects of climate change may be. Read more