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Thomas Smith, Pharm.D., RPh, BCPP

Manchester University on track to launch nation’s only pharmacogenomics master’s degree program

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Manchester University has installed a state-of-the art pharmacogenomics laboratory, added specialized genomics faculty and has a limited number of seats remaining in the nation’s only dedicated master’s degree in pharmacogenomics.

Classes begin May 17 in the intensive one-year program designed to propel graduates into well-paying jobs in the emerging field of pharmacogenomics, a key component of precision (personalized) medicine.

The Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics is designed for those with a degree in science or a professional degree in health care or health sciences.

Graduates can expect career opportunities in genetic testing laboratories, biological technology and the pharmaceutical industry. The degree can also be a valuable head start for individuals who plan to pursue further training in research at the doctoral level or for those already in health-care professions, such as physicians and pharmacists.

Pharmacogenomics, also known as PGx, is the future of medicine, tailoring an individual’s drug therapy based on their genetic makeup (DNA) and eliminating the trial-and-error approach. This greatly minimizes side effects and medication costs.
With rolling enrollment, prospective students can get in on the inaugural class at Manchester or be first in line to be considered for the next class.

 “We have had a very positive response since announcing the program in mid-November, with more than 70 inquiries from across the country and overseas,” said David Kisor, Pharm.D., PGx program director at MU.

Enrollment in each class will be limited in order to maximize personal attention and collaboration. More information about the program can be found at or by calling 260-470-2700.  

The Fort Wayne campus, where the pharmacogenomics program will be based, is home to MU’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy program. It is at 10627 Diebold Road. The campus was built as the result of a $35 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

Fast facts:

  • How to pronounce pharmacogenomics: Farma ko genomics (fär'mə-kō-jə-nō-mĭks)
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  • About Manchester University: With campuses in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, Ind., Manchester University offers more than 60 areas of academic study to 1,500 students in undergraduate programs, a Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics, Master of Athletic Training and a four-year professional Doctor of Pharmacy.  Learn more about the private, northern Indiana school at

March 2016