On the MUve in North Manchester


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Blog Posts by Karly Prichard '17 and Lauren Hughes '17

We’ve heard the question “What is there to do on the weekend?” one too many times. So, we explored nearby cities to find the best activities for our tight budgets. In this blog post, we have included everything from outdoor activities and events, to the best shops and local restaurants to ensure there is a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy!

On the MUve in North Manchester

by User Not Found | Jul 26, 2016

Rich history, delicious food and fun activities are all a bike ride away in North Manchester! Don’t be fooled, there’s more to North Manchester than the warm, small town charm. So hop on your bike, or tie up your shoe laces, and explore the great small town with us.

Covered Bridge

Our first stop was one of the town’s historic landmarks: the Covered Bridge. This quaint red bridge is on the outskirts of downtown and goes over the Eel River. The wooden bridge was built in 1872, and thanks to a few small renovations, it retains its original charm and is open for cars. You can ride your bike between its two old walls and admire the scenic river.

Covered Bridge

In need of an afternoon meal, we rode our bikes over to the Sandwich Cellar, a locally owned fan favorite in North Manchester. The restaurant is in the lower level of The Timeout Inn and provides a family-friendly atmosphere complete with a small arcade and a checkers board on each table. Of course, games and food always seem to make the perfect couple. As for the menu, with food ranging from pizza and chicken pasta, all the way to Italian subs and salad, there is something for everyone. Karly and I were able to eat lunch and tip our waitress for $15, which is perfect for a shoestring budget.

Sandwich Cellar

Sandwich Cellar

Along with the Sandwich Cellar, try some other delicious spots to tame your grumbling stomach:

  • Mr. Dave’s 
  • El Mez
  • Pizza Hut

Mr. Dave's

Our final destination for the day was a trip down to the Eel River. The Eel River is a 94-mile long tributary of the Wabash River that flows through North Manchester. The river has been used in many biology and environmental studies classrooms here at Manchester University. From studying the water’s pH levels to observing the wildlife, the Eel River has given us a wealth of knowledge. However, for those who haven’t yet discovered their inner science geek, the Eel River is a great place to fish, explore, and even canoe.

Our afternoon bike ride proves that North Manchester is home to more than a great University. With its beautiful architecture, friendly atmosphere and small-town jewels, we completely dissolve the idea, “There is nothing to do in this small town.”