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Gregory W. Clark

Gregory W. Clark, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics
Coordinator of the Engineering Science Program 
Office:  Science Center 112
Phone:  (260) 982-5071
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At Manchester since:  1992
Education:  Indiana University, South Bend, 1985 (B.A. Physics, minors in Mathematics and French); Indiana University, Bloomington, 1987 (M.S. Physics); Indiana University, Bloomington, 1992 (Ph.D. Physics, minor in Inorganic Chemistry)
Graduate Research Area:  Surface physics, UHV, STM, HREELS, AUGER, LEED, thin films
Courses Taught:  General Physics I & II, Analytical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Fields and Waves, Materials Physics, Electronics, Physical Geology, Making of the Modern Mind, Physical Science
Current Research Interests:  Surface physics, AFM, EFM-phase, nanowires
Memberships & Affiliations:  AAPT, SPS, Sigma Pi Sigma, Fulbright Alum, Audubon Society, ACRES Land Trust

Aron Costello

Aron K. Costello-Harris, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Office:  Science Center 215
Phone:  (260) 982-5308
At Manchester since:  Fall 2010
Education:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2002 (B.S.); Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2005 (M.S.); Miami University, Oxford, OH, 2010 (Ph.D. Zoology)
Graduate research area: Female characteristics that influence male mate preference in house mice (Mus musculus).
Courses taught: Principles of Biology II, Fundamentals of Human Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, and Vertebrate Physiology.
Current research interests: influence of physical quality on mate choice by males and females, altruism and kin selection theory, dominance rank/social status, predator detection and avoidance, maternal behavior, and behavioral trade-offs.

Gohn, Cassie

Cassandra R. Gohn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology
Office:  Science Center 214
Phone:  (260) 982-5418
At Manchester since:  2017
Education:  Saint Mary’s College, 2012 (B.S. Biology); Indiana University School of Medicine, 2017 (Ph.D. Cellular and Integrative Physiology)
Graduate research area:  Mesenchyme Homeobox 2 regulation of fetal endothelial progenitor cell function.
Courses taught:  Human Biology: Stages of Life, Fundamentals of Human Physiology, Introduction to Molecular Biology.
Current research interests:  Chronic morbidities resulting from exposure to a diabetic intrauterine environment, teratogenesis of oral diabetic medications, maternal-fetal translational research.

Memberships & Affiliations:  American Physiological Society, Indiana Physiological Society, Women and Hi Tech, Kappa Gamma Pi National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society.

Jeff Osborne

Jeffrey P. Osborne, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
Program Director of Biology-Chemistry
Program Director of Global Health
Office:  Science Center 313
Phone:  (260) 982-5075
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At Manchester since:  2004
Education:  Goshen College, 1992 (B.A); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999 (Ph.D.); University of Minnesota (postdoctoral)
Graduate Research Area:  Structure and function of integral membrane proteins.  Biodegradation of pollutants.
Courses Taught:  Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Medical Practicum to Guatemala (January Session)
Current Research Interests:  Enzymes that degrade environmental pollutants.

Kristen Short

Kristen H. Short, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Office:  Science Center 216
Phone:  (260) 982-5183
At Manchester since:  2011
Education:  Miami University, 2004 (B.S.); University of Cincinnati, 2010 (M.S.); University of Cincinnati, 2010 (Ph.D.)
Graduate research area: Population genetics of invasive geckos (Hemidactylus mabouia) during range expansion in Florida.
Courses taught: Principles of Biology, Introduction to Molecular Biology, DNA Science and General Biology.
Current research interests: landscape genetics, nonequilibrium genetic patterns, molecular ecology, dynamics of range expansion, urban ecology, invasive species behavior.
Memberships & Affiliations:  Indiana Academy of Science


Kyle D. Watson '10, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Science Center 315
Phone: 260-982-5091
At Manchester since:  2019
Education:  Manchester University, 2010 (B.A. Chemistry); University of Notre Dame, 2015 (Ph.D. Organic and Medicinal Chemistry)
Graduate research area:  The development of metal-mediated methodologies for the syntheses of monocyclic and bicyclic heteroatom-activated b-lactam antibiotics.
Courses taught: Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry  
Current research interests: The synthesis and evaluation of small-molecule antibiotics
Memberships & Affiliations:  American Chemical Society, Counsel on Undergraduate Research, Kentucky Academy of Science, Manchester College Alumni Association Board