Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Biology-Chemistry - Mission Statement

Rachel Polando and student

The Biology-Chemistry major at Manchester University prepares students for professional programs in the health sciences, graduate programs in biological or chemical sciences, and industrial employment as scientists.  Individualized advising by accessible faculty guides students on coursework, research, internships, admission to professional/graduate programs and career preparation.  Content in the major includes conceptual and functional skills in biology, chemistry, and physics.  An emphasis on laboratory courses that complement lecture courses builds skills in lab technique, data analysis, and communication of results.

Learning Goals:

Students will

  1. Successfully integrate themes from a range of biological, physical, and chemical sub-disciplines.
  2. Appropriately apply biological, physical, and chemical principles to solve specific problems.
  3. Coherently discuss biological, chemical, and physical issues with peers and faculty in a manner appropriate to the discipline.