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Some Examples of Student Success

  • Alexa Callaway '19 has been accepted to University of Michigan's dental school. It is the number one ranked dental school in the country.

  • Rebecca Ullom-Minnich '19 is in veterinary medical school at Kansas State University.

  • Alexis Figueroa '18 is in the Doctoral Diversity Program at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Taylor Spangle ’17 is in optometry school at Indiana University.

  • Cally Miller '17 is at the Indiana University School of Medicine. 


Benedictine University MS in Integrative Physiology Program Agreement Benedictine University will reserve two (2) seats in each annual cohort of students entering its MS in Integrative Physiology program for qualified students of Manchester University. Qualified students must complete the application process for admission to the Benedictine program according to the established deadlines.