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Dr. R. Emerson and Evelyn Niswander Department of Biology

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Summer Research

Students in the biology department have the opportunity to perform authentic research with faculty in the department and receive support for external research opportunities which fit the student’s interest.  Our students often attend conferences to present their research to a wide audience, such as the Indiana Academy of Sciences, Indiana Physiological Society, American Society of Plant Biologists, and Manchester University’s Annual Student Research Symposium. 


The overarching theme of Dr. Robison’s lab lies in understanding the influence of abiotic factors on the physiology and biochemistry of plants. With our changing climate, understanding abiotic effects would help us predict how plant responses which is imperative for continued improvement in food production and maintaining biodiversity. Her lab uses various techniques to examine project questions from a physiological, molecular, and/or genetic perspective. 


Ever since she was an undergraduate student herself, Dr. Gohn has been interested in maternal-fetal research.  Her studies aim to identify how maternal exposure to teratogens during pregnancy impacts fetal development and long-term health outcomes in the offspring.  Dr. Gohn’s lab uses mice to as a model for developmental biology and birth defect studies.