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Biology - Research Highlights

Dr. R. Emerson and Evelyn Niswander Department of Biology

data sequenceThe DNA Science course had nine student authors on the novel sequence that was cloned and sequenced for a plant. Students collaborated and used cutting-edge molecular techniques to develop this sequence under the direction of Dr. Short. "It was a powerful learning experience," Dr. Short wrote, "because rather than learning about these techniques from a textbook, we actually did them." This sequence was published in January 2014.

Ben CloudBen Cloud researched chickadee hybridization with Dr. Short in 2012. His goal was to determine the boundaries of the hybrid zone between Black-capped chickadees and Carolina chickadees. Using microsatellite markers, he determined the extent of hybridization in four chickadee populations spread over a 70km North-South transect in Northern Indiana. He compared his genetic data with morphological data collected 30 years ago, and found that the chickadee hybrid zone has widened and shifted northward in the last 30 years. Future studies will aim to monitor the hybrid zone and possibly identify mechanisms for its shift.

Timothy PariseauDuring the Summer of 2014, Timothy Pariseau was involved in a research study conducted by master student Aaron Anderson at Miami University in Ohio. The study focused on understanding the effects of disturbances on the provisioning behavior of male Alaskan Boreal Owls.
Pariseau Owl  Pariseau Owl  Pariseau Owl

During the Summer of 2013, Erik Nakajima and Charles Scheel conducted research on the exploratory behavior of male white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) in the presence and absence of females.
Nakajima Scheel Mice   Nakajima Scheel
Kelsey Airgood
During the Spring of 2012, Kelsey Airgood conducted a study on “Temperature: a possible influence on coloration of southern redbelly dace (Chrosomus erythrogaster)." Kelsey examined whether the change in the proportion and intensity of coloration (red and yellow) of southern redbelly dace, from March- May, was correlated with a change in water temperature.
Airgood fishAirgood fish

Shantel Short

During the Summer of 2012, Shantel Short and Kelsie Biglin were awarded a Faculty-Student Research Grant to conduct a study titled, “How do the number of females that are available influences the aggressiveness of male deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and their investigation of the females?”
Short Mice