Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Master of Athletic Training - Faculty


Mark Huntington, PED, ATC, PT

Dean for Natural and Health Sciences
Program Director for Graduate Athletic Training Education
Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Office:  Science Center 210
Phone:  (260) 982-5033
At Manchester since:  1984
Education:  Manchester College, 1976 (B.S.); Boston University, 1979 (M.S.); Indiana University, 1994 (P.E.D.)
Graduate Research Area: Human Anatomy Education
Courses Taught: 
Human Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Human Performance Research
Current Research Interests: 
Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, Physical Fitness Levels of College Students
Memberships & Affiliations: 
National Athletic Trainers’ Association  

Jeff Beer


Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Undergraduate Director of Athletic Training Education
Office:  PERC 214C
Phone:  (260) 982-5381
At Manchester since:  2006
Education:  Ball State University, 2000 (B.S.); Kent State University, 2002 (M.A.); Indiana University (PhD)
Graduate Research Area:  Acute Effects of Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM) on Lower Extremity Flexibility, Isokinetic and Isometric Strength.
Courses Taught:  Upper Extremity Evaluation, Therapeutic Modalities, Therapeutic Rehabilitation, Administration in Health Care, Clinical Experience, Courses, Functional Kinesiology
Current Research Interests:  Myofascial Techniques
Memberships & Affiliations:  NATA, IATA, GLATA, IAPHERD

Jim Brumbaugh-Smith

Jim Brumbaugh-Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: SCIC 120
Phone: (260) 982-5011
At Manchester since: 1992-95, 1997
Education: Manchester College, 1984 (B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science); Clemson University, 1985 (M.S. Mathematical Sciences); Clemson University, 2000 (Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences)
Graduate Research Area: Operations Research
Courses Taught: Statistics, Data Structures, Operations Research
Current Research Interests: Network Models & Simulation


Lucas D. Dargo, DAT, LAT, ATC, ROT, OPE-C

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training,
Clinical Education Coordinator

Office:  PERC 124D
Phone:  (260) 982-5124
At Manchester since:  Fall 2018
Education:  Ball State University, 2013 (Bachelor of Athletic Training); Ohio University, 2014 (Master of Science in Athletic Training); Indiana State University, 2018 (Doctorate in Athletic Training).
Graduate research area: Athletic Trainers in the Occupational Health Setting
Courses Taught: Human Physiology, Principles of Nutrition, Injury and Illness Prevention, Medical Considerations, Graduate and Undergraduate Research Methods, Graduate and Undergraduate Clinical Modules/Experiences.
Current Research Interests: Athletic Training Education
Memberships and Affiliations: IATA, GLATA, NATA


Teresa DeLellis, Pharm.D., RPh, BCPS, BCGP

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice (transitions of care)
Office:  Fort Wayne Campus
Phone:  (260) 470-4053
At Manchester since:  Fall 2015
Education:  Oakland Community College, 2009 (Assoc. Science), Wayne State University, 2013 (Pharm.D.)
Graduate Research Area:  Geriatrics and Transitions of Care, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Courses Taught:  Pharmacology for Allied Health
Current Research Interests:  Geriatric Pharmacy Practice and Transition of Care Practice Models; Teaching Polypharmacy and Deprescribing; Falls prevention; Medication Safety
Memberships & Affiliations:  IPA, ACCP, AGS, IGS, PLS, AACP

Erin Foreman

Erin Foreman, MS, LAT, ATC

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Head Athletic Trainer
Senior Women Administrator (SWA)
Office:  PERC 124A
Phone:  (260) 982-5945
At Manchester since:  2006
Education:  Ball State University, 2004 (B.S. Athletic Training), West Virginia University, 2006 (M.S. Advanced Athletic Training)
Graduate Research Area:  Burnout in Athletic Training
Courses Taught:  Injury and Illness Prevention, Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Lower Extremity Evaluation, Topics in Athletic Training
Current Research Interests:  Insite Technology in Football Helmets in the Use of Concussion Prevention.
Memberships & Affiliations:  NATA, IATA, GLATA