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Master of Athletic Training - Graduate Research

Student Research Projects

An original research project is no longer a graduation requirement for the MAT program; however,  below is a listing of completed projects from MAT program alumni.

William Stahley ‘21 Identifying Risk Factors for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Division III Cross Country Runners: A Prospective Study 

Erin Orttel ’20 - Comparing the Acute Effects of Heating and Foam Rolling on Hamstring Extensibility

Ignacio Ubilla '20 - Comparing the Effectiveness of Heating on Hamstring Flexibility in the Graston Technique© Protrocol

Lauren Ehle, '19 - Comparing the effectiveness of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and cupping therapy on hamstring

Rachel Brown, ’18 - A Comparison Between Balance Training in the Light versus Balance Training in the Dark  

Lauren Burish, ’18 - Implementing Athletic Training Services within the Healthcare Model for the Law Enforcement Population: A Systematic Review

Trevor Engle, ’18 - Comparison of EMG levels between Written, Verbal, or instructional video while performing a prone hip extension

Alexandra Furnish, ’18
- Upper Extremity Physical Adaptations in Healthy Active Individuals Throughout a 4-Week Cupping and/or Resistive Elastic Band Regimen

Emily Giorgi, ’18 - The long-term effects of muscle energy techniques and foam rolling on the hip and low back

Tyler Hudson, ’18 - The effect of a warm-up and cool down on blood lactate peak concentration after sub-maximal exercise

Jennifer Lichtman, ’18 - Comparing the Effectiveness of Kinesiology Tape Brands on Facilitation of the Rectus Femoris Muscle in Healthy Adults 

 Ciara Maxwell, ’18 - NormaTec and Bio-Cryo effects in Blood Lactate Concentration

Tyler Parish, ’18 - Effects of Therabands, Dumbbells, and Manual Resistance Exercises On Shoulder Strength For A Rehabilitative and Preventative Program

Ellynn Rolett, ’18 - Prevalence of Self-Reported Mental Health Symptoms and Help-Seeking Attitudes in Division III Collegiate Athletes

Jack Ruhl, ’18 - The effects of an at-home stretching program on upper quadrant Y balance scores on the CrossFit athletes

Robbiccaa Williams, ’18 - Effects of Music Intervention on Mood State, Mindfulness, and Motivation during Therapeutic Exercises

Bridgette Banks ’17 - Effects of Contrast Baths vs. Active Recovery and Accelerated Decrease of Lactic Acid Level

Emily Jacob ’17 - The Relationship Between Lower Extremity Flexibility and Balance Scores in Active Older Adults<

Brian Kehe ’17 - Effects of Tissue Flossing on a College Age Population

Emily Kenyon ’17 - The Effect of Dynamic Stretching vs. Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization on Hamstring Fatigue

Cayla Pusey ’17 - The Effect of Hip Strength on the Star Excursion Balance Test

Aubrey Smith ’17 - Integrating Foam Rolling as a Recovery Regimen in Multi-Event, Distance, Track Athletes

Shelby Archable, ’16 - The Effectiveness of Wicking Clothing for Cooling Out-Of-Season Collegiate Football Players During Exercise

Bryan Black, ’16 - A Comparison Between Cupping And Heat Pack Treatment On Hamstring Flexibility

Ben Charles, ’16 - Duration of the Short Term Range of Motion Changes During Activity Due to Two Stretching Protocols

Kayla Parkos, ’16 - The Effects of Kinesio® Tape Application on Lower Extremity Exercise Scores Using a Functional Movement Screen

Darshan Shah, ’16 - Comparison of the SwayTM Balance Mobile Application with the Berg Balance ScaleTM

Jordan Weitzell, ’16 - The Effect of Augmented Feedback During a One Month Jump-Landing Program

Primmer Zook, ’16 - Comparing Medical Services Provided to Indiana 1A and 2A Secondary School-Aged Athletes in Rural and Urban Institutions

Brent Beck, ’15 - The Impact of Fatiguing Exercise on BESS and SAC Sideline Consussion Test Scores in Recreational Athletes

Maritza E. Chavez Stahly, ’15 - The Effects of Multiple Exposure on Learning Sideline Concussion Tests in College-Age Baseball Players

Demetria Fleming, ’15 - The Comparison of a Balance Training Program Versus a Resistive Training Program to Improve Ankle Strength

Nicole Junk, ’15Effects of a Home Breathing Exercise on Quality of Life in Asthmatic Patients Who Use Daily Medication for Symptom Control

Kylee Ort, ’15 - The Use of Laser Therapy for Treatment of a Damaged Bicep Due to Weight Training of the Non-Dominant Arm

Andrea Sherva, ’15 - The Impact of Music Genres on Running Performance in Recreationally Active Individuals

Lindsey Stiffler, ’15 - The Impact of Parents' Knowledge of Concussions and Its Influence on Children's Participation in Sports