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Master of Athletic Training - Transportation, Attire and Housing

Athletic Training
Manchester University requires the payment of additional fees with respect to certain courses, transportation, events and registrations. These fees are summarized below, and are subject to change by academic year. 

Transportation: All athletic training students at Manchester University are responsible for their own transportation and expenses related to any off-site clinical module while at Manchester University. If students do not have transportation to travel a clinical module, their grades will be subject to change for their clinical, field, or general medical experiences, which may affect their GPAs, course grades or graduation date.

Attire: All athletic training students will be given minimum athletic training attire (i.e., t-shirt[s], polo shirts) by the program, but may be required to purchase extra clothing to meet the program's dress code. All students will also be given the opportunity to purchase additional clothing at discounted prices annually. Discounted prices depend on the number of students who order clothing.

Housing: Manchester University does not offer on-campus housing for graduate students. Graduate students are responsible for finding their own accommodations and most rent apartments in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. Upon application to the program, students have access to housing resources through the office of admissions and enrollment management. Keep in mind that most of the second year of the program is spent in off-campus clinical rotations. Housing costs are not included in tuition fees.  However, graduate students qualify for loan eligibility that covers tuition, fees, and additional expenses incurred while attending the Master of Athletic Training program, including cost of living.  Additionally, a meal plan is not offered on the Fort Wayne campus.