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Mathematics & Computer Science

Marvin L. Bittinger Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Computer Applications students

Program Opportunities

  • Majors in: Mathematics, Software Engineering
  • Minors in: Mathematics, Systems Analysis, Computer Science, Data Science, Middle School Mathematics

Understanding and Application

The Marvin L. Bittinger Department of Mathematics and Computer Science seeks to graduate students who can:

  • appropriately analyze a wide variety of mathematical and computing problems;
  • understand and apply relevant theory and technology to solve real-world problems;
  • develop and implement insightful and efficient solutions; and
  • effectively communicate both abstract ideas and practical solutions.

Entering students take a placement test in mathematics prior to enrolling in courses. The test results in conjunction with other criteria are used to place students in an appropriate mathematics course. Advanced placement credit in calculus and statistics is possible for students who have an especially strong mathematical background.


 Courses in mathematics are designed for students who want to:

  • acquire cultural knowledge of mathematics and its applications;
  • apply mathematical principles of analysis and modeling in the natural and social sciences and also in industry;
  • prepare for graduate studies in mathematics or related disciplines; and
  • become teachers of mathematics at the precollege and college levels.

Computer Science

Courses in computer science are designed for students who want to:

  • acquire a conceptual foundation for understanding and working with computers in a continuously changing field;
  • learn practical skills in programming and software development;
  • prepare for careers in computing in business and industry; and
  • prepare for further study in computer science or information systems.

Emphasis is placed on working with a variety of industries and software companies to provide students with real-world software experience through classroom projects, internships and senior research.

Manchester offers a major in software engineering, a minor in computer science, a minor in information systems (jointly offered with the College of Business) and an associate of arts degree in computer applications.