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Master of Science in Nutrition and Nutrigenomics - Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning - Sites, Preceptors, Requirements

Fort Wayne, Indiana Based Students
The MSNGx Program Director will identify preceptors and arrange placement of students at supervised experiential learning (SEL) facilities within a 1 hour or 150-mile radius of Fort Wayne. Students selecting this option are required to live in the Fort Wayne area regardless of where the student resides at the time of application to the program. 

Distance Learning Students
Students identify and contact preceptors/facilities in the area of residence or preferred location. Students may complete supervised experiential learning at facilities anywhere in the United States, so long as they meet the minimum requirements. Distance learning applicants must include commitment letters from preceptors for the clinical rotation before admission to the program will be granted. MU must establish affiliation agreements with student selected facilities prior to student placement. We have put together this toolkit to help you start searching for preceptors in your preferred geographical area.

Rotation Requirements

Preceptor Commitment Letters

  • Contact potential preceptors. Start with individuals you have already met in class as guest speakers, at meetings, facilities you have volunteered in, or connect on social media (i.e. LinkedIn).
  • Obtain a commitment letter from individuals that states their preparedness to precept you. Letters may be in the preceptors preferred format (letter, email, etc.) but you must provide copies of letters in PDF format to the Program Director. (Commitment letters for Clinical rotations must be submitted prior to admittance in the program. Inclusion of other rotation commitment letters is not required but will support your application.)
    • Samples of preceptor commitment letters can be found in this toolkit.
  • Students selecting their own supervised experiential learning sites must locate their clinical site and have a letter of commitment prior to acceptance in the program. This may be done after applying to the program. Clinical sites must have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) as the primary preceptor for the student. If you are a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics you may search the Preceptor DatabaseLearn more here about experiential learning and to access our Toolkit to Find Supervised Experiential Learning Sites.

Affiliation Agreements

  • Affiliation agreements are required before supervised experiential learning may begin.
  • Agreements will be completed between Manchester University and the practice site/facility. In the event that an affiliation agreement is unable to be negotiated, you will be responsible for finding another preceptor and site to complete required supervised experiential learning.