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Mission, Vision, Values, Philosophy and Goals

Learn more about the mission, vision, values and philosophy of Manchester University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.


The mission of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Manchester University is: 
Preparing physical therapists to improve the health of society through clinical excellence. 


To improve the human condition through service.

Core Values

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program embraces the core values set forth by the College of Pharmacy, Natural, and Health Sciences:
  • We have a deep commitment to integrity.
  • We respect the infinite worth of every individual. Diversity and inclusivity is vital for growth and understanding.
  • We seek excellence in all that we do. We are accepting of new ideas. We create and innovate without fear.
  • We foster personal and professional transformation. It is through learning that we become our better selves.
  • We serve for the betterment of others.
  • We seek and value collaboration and teamwork.


We believe that every individual, regardless of their country of origin, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, geographic location, age, gender, educational standing, or employment qualification is entitled to complete physical, emotional and mental health. It is our responsibility as a teaching institute to ensure an incessant provision of benevolent health care professionals to keep meeting the needs of the growing society.

Physical Therapy is an exceptional health care profession that impacts lives across the lifespan! It is made unique by the compassionate and warm pool of empathetic professionals who treat physically, heal emotionally and restore mentally. Our noble and selfless profession must keep flourishing and reach zeniths as we constantly prepare new generations of movement experts.

The DPT Program supports the institutional mission of respecting the infinite worth of every individual with the eventual purpose of promoting health by preparing passionate and competent physical therapy and movement system experts.

Our student-centered, patient-focused, service-oriented, and evidence-based DPT Program will develop principled, productive and compassionate physical therapists who will believe in institutional and professional service, serve people--including those in the rural and underserved regions--engage in evidence-based practices and add new knowledge in existing PT research. 

Goals of the DPT Program

Graduates of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Manchester University will provide comprehensive physical therapy management through effective and efficient examination, evaluation, differential diagnoses, prognoses, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

The goals of our Doctor of Physical Therapy program are congruent with the mission of the program and the university. The program will cultivate our graduates into ethical and culturally competent professionals who are proficient in patient care and are willing to serve rural and underserved areas. They will actively contribute to the existing body of knowledge through unparalleled scholarly activity. Our distinguished faculty will be committed to excellence in teaching, research, and practice. The program will provide plentiful opportunities for service and scholarship.

Program Goals
  1. Provide a respectful, student-centered learning environment.
  2. Deliver a competency-based Doctor of Physical Therapy program that facilitates the development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes for entry-level practice.
  3. Collaborate with internal and external constituents to provide interprofessional education opportunities within the college and the broader community.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to the public and professional communities through activities of health promotion, continuing education, service, and advocacy.
Student Goals

Students in the DPT Program will:

  1. Utilize the patient/client management model to examine, evaluate, and assess, to make an appropriate physical therapy diagnosis or referral, as well as utilize clinical decision-making skills to design/manage a comprehensive physical therapy plan of care.
  2. Demonstrate academic excellence.
  3. Participate in professional outreach and service to the community, striving to improve access, equity, and quality of treatment.
  4. Contribute to the scientific knowledge for clinical decision-making.
Graduate Goals

Graduates of the Manchester University DPT Program will:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for autonomous, competent practice as Physical Therapists.

  2. Demonstrate appropriate ethical and professional behavior.

  3. Demonstrate commitment to the physical therapy profession.

Promote Your Individual Growth in a High Trust Environment
  • A little or a lot, for better or for worse, intentional or by accident, you will change the world.
  • We respect your infinite worth and commit to fostering an environment where learning and growth are valued.
  • We commit to helping you be better versions of yourselves.
  • We commit to changing the human condition.
  • As doctoral learners, we will push you to be clinicians that change human lives.