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2015 Midwest Teacher - Scholar Retreat

2015 Schedule:


Friday, Nov. 6
10 a.m.
Registration, Coffee and Patries

11 a.m.

11:10 a.m.

“It’s Like Rotations, but in the Classroom”: Creation of an Innovative Course to Prepare Students for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Yolanda M. Hardy, Pharm.D. and Janene L. Marshall, Pharm.D.


Aiptasia pallida as a Model System in Research and Teaching

Teresa A. Beam, Ph.D., Manchester University Pharmacy Program

12:50 p.m.


3 p.m.

Integrating Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology into a New Course Sequence in the Pharm.D. Curriculum

Mustapha Beleh, Ph.D., Melanie Engels, Pharm.D., and George A. Garcia, Ph.D. University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy

3:50 p.m.

Partners in Crime: Team Teaching

Victor Padron, Ph.D. and Bill Hamilton, Pharm.D. Creighton University, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

4:40 p.m.

Round Table Discussions

1) Development of a Mobile Platform Application as a Supplemental Learning Tool for the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Course Sequence

Melany P. Puglisi, Ph.D. and Tatjana Petrova, Ph.D. Chicago State University College of Pharmacy

2) Integrating interprofessional education (IPE) in pharmacy curriculum: challenges and solutions

Michelle Musser, Pharm.D. Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy

3) Engagement of PharmD Students in a Natural Products Drug Discovery Research Program: Successes and Challenges

Abir T. El-Alfy, Ph.D. and Ehab A. Abourashed, Ph.D. Chicago State University College of Pharmacy

4) Evolving the Flipped Classroom for Pharmacology in a Medical Curriculum

Kelly M. Quesnelle, Ph.D. and Shanna Cole, Pharm.D. Western Michigan University, School of Medicine

6 p.m.


Henriksen Household, 2625 Wind Star Ct. Fort Wayne IN 46845. 10 minute drive from campus and hotel

Saturday Nov. 7

7:45 a.m.

Continental Breakfast

9 a.m.

Impact of Changing Self Care Elective Activities on Student Learning and Retention

Sneha Baxi Srivastava, Pharm.D., and Lalita Prasad-Reddy, Pharm.D., Chicago State University, College of Pharmacy

9:50 a.m.


10 a.m.

Novel application of 3D molecular graphics and animation to teach principles of CYP450 drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions

Arthur G. Cox, Ph.D. Sullivan University, College of Pharmacy

10:50 a.m.

Keynote Speaker

Robin Zavod, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief at Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy

11:40 a.m.

Closing Remarks

Contact: Diane Calinski (dmcalinski@manchester.edu)