Manchester University Academic Catalog 2016-2017

Medical Technology

Director Rachel E. Polando

The medical technology major prepares students for a job in the clinical laboratory. These professionals provide vital services to the health care profession, including, blood analysis, pathogen identification, transplantation donor matching, and serology. Completion of this major combined with a year of clinical experience and education prepares students for a full career in medical technology. This major may be finished in three years at Manchester University and one year at an affiliated clinical hospital. Upon successful completion of the clinical year and the national exam students receive their degree from Manchester and accreditation for clinical laboratory work.

Baccalaureate Degree

Courses listed in parentheses are prerequisites.

Major in medical technology, 48-49 hours: BIOL 108, 108L, 204, 204L, 229, 229L, 313, 313L, 360, 395, 431; CHEM 111, 111L, 113, 113L, 311, 311L, 312, 312L; CHEM 235/L or CHEM 405; ESAT 106; MATH 210 or (122) 240. Senior year off campus in clinic.

Course descriptions can be found on the biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics major fields of study pages.

All medical technology majors must successfully complete a senior comprehensive evaluation before graduating. This will consist of a comprehensive examination and a clinical project.