Manchester University Academic Catalog 2017-2018


Coordinator Jeffrey P. Osborne

The pre-pharmacy program combines science fundamentals – studying molecular biology, human anatomy and physiology and physics – with writing and communication courses that prepare students to work closely with patients and other health care professionals. Electives in psychology, sociology, business, economics or ethics allow students to explore other interests. The two-year curriculum covers the minimum course work required to apply to schools of pharmacy; some students choose to complete three of four years of undergraduate courses – or complete the baccalaureate degree – to be more competitive in the application process.

The pre-pharmacy curriculum does not lead to a degree; however, students wishing to complete a baccalaureate degree can transition easily to the biology-chemistry major. Students who are placed into CHEM 105 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry or a mathematics course lower than MATH 210 should plan three years to complete the pre-pharmacy curriculum.

Two-Year Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

Fall 1

16 hours

BIOL 204, 204L; CHEM 111, 111L; FYS; MATH 121

January 1

3 or 4 hours

One Core or elective course

Spring 1

15 hours

BIOL 202, 202L; CHEM 113, 113L; COMM 110; MATH 210

Fall 2

14 hours

BIOL 229, 229L; CHEM 311, 311L; PHYS 111 and 111L, or PHYS 210 and 210L;
one Core or elective course

January 2

3 or 4 hours

One Core or elective course

Spring 2

15 hours

BIOL 313, 313L; CHEM 312, 312L; PHYS 112 and 112L, or PHYS 220 and 222L;
one Core or elective course

Course descriptions can be found on the Major/Minor Fields of Study page.

More information about the pre-pharmacy program and the Pharmacy Program is available on the Manchester University website.