Other Graduate Courses

EDUC 585  Seminar - 1-4 hours
An in-depth consideration of a significant scholarly problem or issue. Students pursue a supervised, independent inquiry on an aspect of the topic and exchange results through reports and discussions. May be repeated on different topics for a maximum of four credit hours.

GS 580  Special Problems - 3 hours
Special studies adapted to the needs and interests of advanced students, available in several departments. Guidelines for pursuing academic work under this designation are available from the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Prerequisite: Approval of Program Director and Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

PEAC 501  Conflict Transformation - 3 hours
A study and development of conflict transformation strategies and frameworks. Topics include conflict identification, framing the conflict, alternative pathways of perceiving conflict, problem resolution, application of conflict transformation processes, evaluation of conflict transformation within specific contexts.

STAT 520  Statistical Methods - 3 hours
Topics include measures of central tendency and variability; confidence intervals and hypothesis; simple and multiple regression; ANOVA (including repeated measures and factorial analysis); and non-parametric techniques. Students will apply statistical techniques appropriate to their discipline. Prerequisite: Demonstrated proficiency in statistical analysis.

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