MAT Admission

Admission Requirements

Master of Athletic Training
Students applying for admission to the Master of Athletic Training program must meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  2. A 3.0 cumulative undergraduate grade point average
  3. Completion of the published Technical Standards for the program
  4. Completion of Manchester University Health Form and vaccination record
  5. Completion of each of the following undergraduate courses with a minimum grade of C+ (2.30/4.00):
    • Human Anatomy with lab (Lecture and lab = at least 4.0 semester hours)
    • Human Physiology with lab (Lecture and lab = at least 4.0 semester hours)
    • Exercise Physiology with lab (Lecture and lab = at least 4.0 semester hours)
    • Biomechanics/Kinesiology
    • Nutrition
    • Principles of Fitness and Exercise Prescription
    • General Psychology
    • Medical Terminology
    • Introductory Statistics


Manchester University employs a “rolling” application and admissions process for the MAT program. Applications can be submitted any time after September 15 of the year prior to entrance into the program. When an application is received the applicant’s record is immediately reviewed by the admissions committee. If most entrance requirements are met, an in-person or video interview will be scheduled. The admissions committee will then convene, and the admission decision will be communicated to the applicant soon after the completion of the interview. Any offer of admission is contingent upon completion of an undergraduate degree and completion of the MAT program prerequisites (see Conditional Admission below).

In addition to the admission requirements listed above, students who earned their degree(s) outside the United States must submit all relevant documentation to World Education Services, Inc. (WES) for evaluation and interpretation. Students should request that WES perform a course-by-course evaluation, and they should have a report sent directly to Manchester University at the following address:  Dean for Natural and Health Sciences, Manchester University, 604 E. College Avenue, North Manchester, IN 46962. Information about WES can be found at Students are responsible for payment of fees to WES (not Manchester University) for this service.

Admission Status

Regular Admission
Applicants who meet all of the admission requirements will be awarded regular admission status.

Conditional Admission
Conditional admission may be awarded under the following circumstances:

  1. Student does not meet regular admission standards but shows evidence of capability to achieve success in the graduate program;
  2. Student’s academic background indicates that additional undergraduate course work is warranted before or concurrent with enrollment in graduate classes.

Some students may be admitted to the MAT program prior to the completion of all prerequisite courses. The prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the first year of graduate studies.

A MAT graduate student may enroll in a maximum of 8 undergraduate semester hours each fall and spring semester of the first year of graduate study in order complete prerequisite courses. No additional tuition is charged for these courses. In the event an admitted student does not complete the prerequisite course/s with at least a C+ within the first year after admittance, the student will be required to meet with the Program Director and may be required to repeat the prerequisite course/s at his or her own expense.

Special Admission
A student who does not intend to work toward a graduate degree at Manchester University but who wishes to take (a) course(s) for graduate credit may apply for admission as a special student. A maximum of six semester hours may be earned as a special student. To be admitted the applicant must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution by September 1 of the year of admission as a special student, and have permission of the program director.

Students who wish to be readmitted to a graduate program after a period of inactivity - defined as one semester or more - must meet with the program director. Readmission decisions rest with the respective program director, pending approval from Student Financial Services.

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