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Giving Day

Giving Challenges

Giving challenges are a way to engage others and make your gift grow. On Giving Day, Manchester will encourage our donors to extend their giving generosity in one of two ways:

  • Create a new challenge or join an existing one that fits you!
  • Take part in a matching challenge, whereby your gifts are matched dollar-for-dollar by another generous donor who wants to up the ante!

Current Giving challenges


Create a Challenge

Create a challenge to reflect your unique Manchester experience, inviting and inspiring your graduating class, sports team, regional area alums ... or whomever ... to give their best on Giving Day! Reach out via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms using the hashtag #ManchesterGiving and grow your collective gift by encouraging them to add the appropriate challenge code to their Giving Day donation.

Example: You're a member of A Cappella Choir from 1978- 1981. Your challenge may be that you will give a matching gift or specified amount for every A Cappella Choir alum who makes a gift during the next hour. Others will apply your unique Challenge Code to their gift, and we keep track of how many accept your challenge.

To create a challenge, complete the form below. Your challenge proposal will be reviewed by Giving Day officials within the hour. Challenges don't need time constraints, other than being completed within Giving Day.

Questions? Call 260-982-5997 or email

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Please note that your challenge will first need to be approved by a member of the Manchester University Office of University Advancement before appearing on the challenges list.

Matching challenges

Some alumni want to up the ante. Generous donors challenge you to give your best by giving a little more...

Mr. Richard Harris ’68

Our first matching challenge comes from Richard Harris ’68, member of the Manchester basketball All Star team. As a student, Richard studied biology, but took his career to new heights as a commercial airline pilot. Richard challenges you to join him in paying it forward for Manchester’s future generations!  


Mr. John Whisler ’73

While having dinner with friends, the conversation turned to college jobs we held many years ago.  My friends’ jobs were mostly drudgery, bad hours, and low pay.  When it came my turn, I announced that I had probably the best and most unusual college job at the table: I earned a little extra money playing the bells in the college chime tower!

It was fun.  I earned a certain amount of fame as the guy who woke up the campus in the morning.  It was a position of some considerable responsibility—I had to be punctual and dependable, and play music of at least reasonably good taste.  And it was a position of heritage and tradition—every Manchester student for nearly a hundred years has heard those bells and held their music as part of their cherished college experience. But the heritage was more personal for me.  My uncle, Lowell Long, played the bells in the 1920s when they were new, so I was continuing a family tradition.

These were the reasons why I chose to become a donor to the chime tower project.  I hope others will find joy and meaning in their college experiences, and I challenge you to find and support projects to enhance the lives of current and future Manchester students!


Drs. David ’72 and Madonna Rhodehamel ’72 Bowman

David and Madonna met at Manchester and graduated together in the class of 1972. They believe Manchester has given them many gifts: a strong education that laid the foundation for their advanced degrees, and lifelong friends they met at Manchester and continue to stay in touch with regularly. They also have a strong appreciation for Manchester’s commitment to Peace and Social Justice Education. The Bowmans challenge you to consider the many gifts you have been given by Manchester during and after your time on campus and to pay it forward for current and future Manchester students.