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Admiration and appreciation

by Anthea Ayebaze | Sep 28, 2016

I spent Monday working with our physical plant staff. In a borrowed shirt with “Dave” and “Manchester University” on my chest, I helped with stripping floor wax, repairing folding chairs, preparing UPS packages for on campus delivery; servicing a lawn mower, learning about energy controls, cleaning an ice maker and replacing a worn-out door handle. OK, truth be told, at best I participated in these activities and at worst tried not to break anything.

It was an enlightening day. Some of the work was back breaking. I only ran the floor scrubber to strip wax for about 10 minutes, but still feel it in my arms and back two days later. Some of it was mind bending. I learned that the energy monitors and controls we’ve installed, played like a Steinway by staff, have kept our utility bills flat despite rising rates and added square feet on campus.

I asked each staff member “what do you most enjoy about your work?” Almost to a person, they said “the people” and mentioned faculty, staff and students. And that’s how my day ended – with a deep sense of admiration and appreciation for the people who maintain our home. Thanks Becca, Dallas, Gary, Kasey, Kody, Lisa, Mark, Matt, Pieter, Ron and Scott, for sharing your day with me (and Dave, for loaning your shirt). You do great work!