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Even a cup of coffee can reflect MU

by Anthea Ayebaze | Sep 28, 2016

It is sometimes the small things that make us glad to be part of the Manchester University community. A fellow coffee lover/addict from our Fort Wayne campus shared this story with me:

“I am on the N. Manchester campus this evening for a guest lecture. Needing my coffee fix, I stopped by the Switzer Center. I asked Sandy at the register for a cup and she named two flavored coffees to which I replied, ‘Do you have any plain?’ (You know me and my black coffee).

Sandy said hold on a second. She took an empty cup, ran to the back and returned with a full cup of hot, plain coffee. She hands it to me and says, ‘It’s on me’ when I tried to pay. I looked for a tip jar and there isn't one on the counter so I figured that an email to you mentioning how our appreciation for the ‘infinite worth of every individual’ is part and parcel of what we do here at Manchester, even at the level of a cup of coffee.”