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‘I can’t wait’

by Melinda Lantz | May 22, 2018

Posted May 22 - Commencement is a milestone for our students, a time to reflect on the past and to anticipate the future. One of our newly minted graduates sent me a note that captures that liminal moment and I share a portion of it with you:

I can’t believe my time at MU is coming to a close. From the first time I heard you speak about becoming my best self, I firmly believe MU has laid the foundation in challenging me to become my best self. From expanding my writing skills through blogging for marketing to learning how to network and interact with alumni through STAT, the opportunities I have gained here are irreplaceable.

Coming to college I was a very closed-minded, type A, black and white type person. The connections I made and diversity I came across allowed me to grow immensely as a person. MU has opened my mind and taught me that, in life, there is a lot of gray. By showing me that diversity is not only welcomed but encouraged and opposition is met with communication and trying to understand, I was able to grow. …

The staff, faculty and students that have surrounded and supported me the last four years are the reason I stayed. As you always say, ‘the world needs more Manchester graduates.’ I can’t wait to be one of those graduates, able to get out there and use the tools, skills and knowledge I learned here to make a difference.