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Chambers publishes three times

by Melinda Lantz | Nov 17, 2020

Posted Nov. 17 - Joe Chambers, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics, has had three recent publications:

  • “Ppargc1a Controls Ciliated Cell Development by Regulating Prostaglan din Biosynthesis” published in Cell Reports can be viewed here.
  • Chambers, J.M.; Wingert, R.A. PGC-1α in Disease: Recent Renal Insights into a Versatile Metabolic Regulator. Cells 2020, 9, 2234. View it here.
  • Chambers, J.M.; Wingert, R.A. Advances in understanding vertebrate nephrogenesis, Tissue Barriers 2020, DOI:10.1080/21688370.2020.1832844. View it here