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Encore Lectures are a popular Homecoming tradition


Oct. 8, 1:10 p.m. and 2:10 p.m.


James Butler ‘02 -  ACEN 101
TOPIC: Mindfulness in Education  
Join James Butler '02 as he shares his experiences about using mindfulness in his classroom and how it led him to winning Teacher of the Year for the Austin Independent School District (TX), writing a mindfulness curriculum and children's book, and becoming one of the first public school mindfulness specialists in the country. 

John Planer - ACEN 146
TOPIC: Our Angry, Broken, Confused World and Manchester
Dr. Planer will pick up on some of the theme from his last lecture on May 6, 2016. 

Brad Yoder - ACEN 238
TOPIC: How Much Justice is There in the United States Criminal Justice System?
Many aspects of the criminal justice system have been hotly debated in the United States in recent years: mass incarceration, police authority and behavior, changes in federal and state laws, important court decisions, ongoing discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. This lecture will focus on the history of U.S. criminal justice, discussion of current issues, and action we can take to improve the situation.

Michael Dixon - ACEN 356
TOPIC: Intercultural Center: Past, Present, and Future 
This discussion will give a brief history of the Intercultural Center at Manchester University, from its humble beginnings as the A.A.F.R.O. House to present day. There will also be proposed floorplans to view for a new facility with hopes of opening in fall of 2017.

Sreenath Majumder - ACEN 364
TOPIC: America and Globalization
Why are more and more U.S. working class populations finding it harder to afford the standard of living that used to be normal for an average American? Who is to blame for the raising income inequality in America? These are two common questions that are debated at social and political discussions without an objective answer. Dr. Majumder will try to bring forward a fundamental factor that ties both of these problems together. 

Ed Miller ‘56 and Jeffrey Osborne - SCIC 104
TOPIC: Medical Practicum: Sites, Sights, and Insights 
Dr. Miller and Dr. Osborne will present a brief, illustrated history of the Medical Practicum: why and how it began in 1981, locations of the clinics through the years, and how it has grown, changed and continues to thrive after 32 trips. We will also reflect on the past and consider ideas for the future. 

Beate Gilliar - ACEN 238
TOPIC: Vexillology 
What and how can a flag represent what it is supposed to bear, symbolically and else? What does the display of such symbolic national markers connote, and how does it cease its intent? This presentation will focus on looking at a few flags as their projected meanings continue to undergo change. 

Stacy Erickson-Pesetski – ACEN 356
TOPIC: Shakespeare at Manchester and in Prisons 
Join Dr. Erickson-Pesetski in a discussion of the power of Shakespeare, for college students, alumni, and those in correctional facilities. We will read two famous soliloquies from Othello and figure out why this play remains applicable for a variety of audiences. Be prepared to read aloud and maybe even perform. 

Robert Pettit - ACEN 364
TOPIC: U.S. Families 2016: A Report Card 
This lecture will provide you with an update of the latest research on families. You will learn who is getting married, who is getting divorced, how satisfied Americans are with their marriages and family lives, how are children faring, implications for public policies, and much more. 

Dick Harshbarger ‘56 - SCIC 101

Sandra Hrometz - SCIC 204
TOPIC: Effectively Managing Your Health after Age 65…”Hey Doc, I Ain’t Dead Yet”
This presentation will discuss how not only an individual's health changes as they age, but their health care needs change as well. Sandra will talk about avoiding the pitfalls of having too many prescribers, too many medications, too many procedures, too many health care expenses and not enough input or influence into your own health and well-being. This lecture will not only provide education but will also encourage individuals to be proactive with their health and open discussion on determining individual priorities for maintaining a high quality of life and prolonged independence. 

2:10 p.m. - WINGER HALL
Jim Adams - Wine Recital Hall 
TOPIC: About Face, Portrait Drawing by James Adams 

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