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LEGO camp 2015 at Manchester University

LEGO Camp at Manchester adds pneumatics

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. – LEGO® Camp at Manchester University is designed to be an interactive way to have fun with basic engineering principles, science, technology, math and problem solving. 

Morning sessions are 8-11 a.m. for students in grades 1-3. Campers will use LEGO® kits to create up to 14 motorized machines, such as dragsters, dogbots, catapults and land yachts.

Afternoon sessions are 1-4 p.m. for students in grades 4-6. In addition to kits, campers will use MU’s new pneumatic sets to create air-powered models. They will also work in teams to solve the daily challenge, creating items such as a robotic hand, a scissor lift or stamping press. 

“I am going to challenge the campers to use their own creativity and critical thinking skills to make machines and vehicles by posing a problem or a challenge,” said camp director Ryan Adams, who graduated from Manchester University in 2011 and teaches at Akron Elementary School. “The challenges each day will be based on the simple machine we learned about during that current day or combining the simple machines from other days. On the fourth day of camp I will challenge the students to build and race a vehicle that moves by wind, pneumatics, and a motor.”

The pneumatics component is a fun addition this year, Adams said. “We will continue to learn about wind power, gears, wheels and axels, and pulleys. We will also be utilizing motors to make some of the LEGO® creations move.”

As always, he said, campers at the Science Center will incorporate several simple machines to make more complex machines such as race cars, cranes, a pneumatic claw and wind-powered vehicle.

To start things off, there will be a team-building activity so campers feel comfortable with one another.

The registration fee includes using LEGO® kits throughout the week, and each participant will receive a T-shirt. The cost is $99 per camper.

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Telephone toll free: 877-624-8378
Telephone direct: 260-982-5551

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