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Pokémon Go comes to Manchester University

Pokemon GoPokémon Go is an augmented reality game that allows a user to walk around in real time and catch Pokémon with the camera on their smartphone.

We have 21 Pokéstops at major locations spread across the North Manchester campus of Manchester University – the Wayne Street sign; Funderburg Library; Petersime Chapel; the PERC; the Academic Center; Cordier Auditorium; Helman, East, Schwalm, Garver and Oakwood residence halls; East Streets Apartments; Intercultural Center; Administration Building; the fountain; and sports fields – where users can stock up on Pokéballs to catch Pokémon, potions and eggs.

Users are tasked with walking distances of 2, 5 or 10 kilometers to hatch the eggs they get from Pokéstops. Walking the perimeter of campus, and stopping at Pokéstops along the way, is a great opportunity to hatch the short-distance eggs.

We also have four gyms on campus – at Wine Recital Hall, Science Center, Prayer Labyrinth and Gladdys Muir Peace Garden – where visitors can battle the strongest Pokémon players on campus. Features Niantic, the game creator, intends to add in the near future are trading and new ways to interact with Pokéstops.

The Fort Wayne campus has no stops, although the nearby park has some.

Pro tip: Put a lure on the Administration Building and the fountain. If you stand on the north side of the Administration Building, you can reach both stops and maximize your lure times!

Safety first: Please do not play while driving, riding a bike or skateboarding. Dogs on campus must be leashed, and visitors may not enter University buildings without prior permission.