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A Cappella Choir sings “Peace, Peace!” at dedication

“Their legacy will live on.” 

Michael Dixon unveils Peace Pole 2016Text as prepared for the Sept. 16, 2016, Peace Pole dedication by Michael Dixon, Manchester University director of intercultural services and international student advisor:

Good afternoon.  As the International Student Advisor, my role on campus is to ensure that our international students and other domestic students of color have an enjoyable experience on campus. 
I had the pleasure of working very closely with BK, Nerad and Kirubel that when I learned of their passing, it really hit me in a way that was unknown to me before this time. 

If you talk with anyone who has been involved with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, they would tell you that we emphasize a number of thoughts and ideals in the Center.  However, one word that keeps coming up is “family.” Family was on the shirts for the students this year.  Family is a concept that translates in many languages. BK, Nerad and Kirubel were members of our family.  BK, Nerad and Kiurbel ARE members of our family. 

Their legacy will live on through this memorial.