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 Manchester University adds master’s degree in accounting

President Dave McFaddenManchester University is always looking for innovative ways to provide its students with exceptional value. President Dave McFadden announced today that its Master of Accountancy degree starts in the fall of 2019.

The new master’s is a distinctive 3 + 1 program by which highly motivated accounting students can graduate in four years with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

The format builds on the school’s distinguished reputation in accounting, giving students the opportunity to earn the graduate degree within the four-year window during which they are eligible for undergraduate financial aid.

“As you know, traditional master’s programs require at least a fifth year of study and cost thousands of dollars,” McFadden said. “With Manchester’s new program, students can earn two degrees for the price of one and start earning money at least a year earlier than they would if they opted for a traditional master’s program.”

Accounting students can still earn a bachelor’s degree in three to four years.

TimOgdenThe master’s degree schedule will be rigorous, said Tim Ogden, professor and dean of the College of Business. Students will take 40 hours in their fourth year and some 400-level courses will act as “bridge courses” that count toward the master’s.

Every MU accounting major is required to have an internship, typically during tax season.

There is a very strong job market in public accounting. Ogden said that some Manchester accounting students have accepted offers as early as 18 months before they graduated.

Today’s announcement follows approval by the Higher Learning Commission for the master’s degree program.

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November 2018