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Manchester ranks among top 10 colleges for jobs in Indiana

It is in the top 5 for communication careers

Zippia.com ranks Manchester University among the top 10 best colleges for jobs in Indiana.

Using College Scorecard Data, it searched for colleges and universities in each state with the highest-listed job placement ratings, looking specifically at employment levels at year 10 after students graduated.

“If you go to one of these schools, chances are, you’re not surprised. After all, you know how great you have it,” the Oct. 9 story said.

The top 10 schools are:

  1. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  2. Butler University
  3. DePauw University
  4. University of Notre Dame
  5. Valparaiso University
  6. Franklin College
  7. University of Evansville
  8. Hanover College
  9. Manchester University
  10. Ball State University
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Zippia.com also ranks Manchester University among the top five colleges in Indiana for a communication major.

It looked at data from the National Center for Education Statistics and College Scorecard to understand which communication departments offer the best career opportunities for communication majors.

“We took into account data on the quality of the communication program and how students perform after college, among other criteria, when determining the ranking,” Zippia.com said.

See the story rankings for the state.

About Manchester
With campuses in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, Ind., Manchester University offers more than 70 areas of academic study to 1,400 students in undergraduate programs,a Master of Accountancy, a Master of Science in pharmacogenomics, a Master of Athletic Training a four-year professional Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a four-year dual degree in pharmacy and pharmacogenomics. Learn more about the private, northern Indiana school at www.manchester.edu

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Manchester University respects the infinite worth of every individual and graduates persons of ability and conviction who draw upon their education and faith to lead principled, productive, and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.

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