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Norwell senior Colleen Caylor wins full-ride Honors Scholarship at Manchester

Colleen CaylorColleen Caylor is the first recipient of Manchester University’s new full-ride Honors Scholarship. It covers tuition, fees, room and board for up to four years. 

The Norwell High School senior is the daughter of Tanya and Bob Caylor of Ossian, Ind.

Caylor said she was looking for a college that would help her find her path and pursue her passions on her own terms.
“I have always wanted to be a scientist, but my specific field of interest has a tendency to bounce around, from geology, to microbiology, to ecology. Environmental science is a way for me to make a difference using interdisciplinary studies,” Caylor said in her scholarship application.

She sees global warming as the greatest challenge facing her generation. “I just want to make a difference, whether it's helping cure mussel die-offs or introducing species that can transform an ecosystem.”

Manchester’s environmental studies program, established in 1971, is among the oldest such programs in the nation.
“I believe the Honors Program will allow me to take my passion and drive and turn it into intentional, effective leadership. The world needs leaders, and I’m ready to step up to the plate,” Caylor said.

The Honors Program at Manchester provides academically accomplished students with a collaborative community that enhances students’ learning, creativity and discovery.

“Colleen will join a community of students that want to support her and help her be successful. The Honors Program at Manchester is unique in that students are encouraged to design their own personalized academic projects. Our hope is this provides students more possibilities as they challenge themselves with complex perspectives and interdisciplinary ideas,” said Associate Professor Tim McKenna-Buchanan, program director. 

The Honors Program at Manchester also focuses on developing students into leaders, on-campus and in the community. 

 “Colleen exemplifies true leadership and exhibits a high level of academic curiosity,” said Manchester President Dave McFadden. “I am proud to offer her this scholarship.”

Caylor was admitted to the National Honor Society her junior year and participated in Junior Leaders since her sophomore year. She has played softball and golf throughout her high school career, serving as softball co-captain and captain of the golf team. She has been a member of the high school’s German Club for four years and a member of 4-H for 10 years. Caylor has also been in concert, pep and jazz band.  
“Colleen Caylor is not only an extraordinary student, she is an extraordinary human being,” said Norwell teacher Quinn Biberstine in support of the scholarship application. She is Caylor’s high school German teacher. “As a student, she understands new concepts quickly and easily. On the rare occasion that new concepts are not immediately clear, she asks important questions that help not only her, but also her classmates, process new information.”

Biberstine said Caylor has been active in her community and focuses on ways to improve our world.

“Her participation in Talk to Interlock is perhaps the most telling of her endeavors,” the teacher said. The Fort Wayne-based group brainstormed ways to make the community stronger, with a focus on the needs of students and refugees who are learning English as a second language.

She described Caylor as a lover of books and science who has volunteered with the Friends of the Library, the 4-H Foundation and organizations dedicated to the betterment of the lives of differently abled people and people with autism.

Among those applying for the Honors Scholarship, five will be selected for the Trustee Scholarship. Recipients receive up to $24,000 per year for up to four years.

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Dr. Tim McKenna-Buchanan can be contacted at or 260-982-5013.

Environmental studies at Manchester

Vice President Ryon Kaopuiki is spearheading efforts at Manchester to make college more affordable through scholarships, tuition initiatives and other methods., 260-982-5045

  • Manchester this year also added a second full-ride academic scholarship, Multicultural Excellence in Leadership.
  • MU freezes tuition for 2021-22 academic year.
  • The University also recently launched a program to eliminate out-of-pocket tuition expenses for Indiana first-year students entering MU in the fall of 2021.The Indiana Tuition Bridge applies to all four years of their college career.
  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MU eliminated out-of-pocket tuition expenses for qualifying Indiana first-year students entering MU in the fall of 2020.COVID Response 2020 applies to all four years of their college career.

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