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White Coat Class of 2025

New Manchester University pharmacy students receive white coats

Students in the Manchester University Pharmacy Program joined the ranks of professionals following a White Coat Ceremony for fall semester.

The ceremony for the class of 2025 commemorated the formal presentation of a white coat for pharmacy students as they begin working clinically with patients in hospitals and outpatient settings.

To celebrate their new journey, the first-year pharmacy students received white coats and signed the college’s honor code at the Friday event.

The ceremony was in Cordier Auditorium at in North Manchester campus. 

Some students in the class are pursuing a dual degree that includes a master’s degree in pharmacogenomics.

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Pharmacy Program:
Dual degree program:

The students are:
Richardson Adeolu
Esther Adewunmi
Katelyn Allis
Janella Rianna Benitez
Yalda Benshian
Elham Bolouri
Ahmed Boomrod
Chris Brunstetter
Alison Byers
Bailey Castator
Madeline Crook
Alex Demotte
Braxton Dunn
Tyler Edlin
Andrew Fogarty
McKenzie French
Marina Ghatas
Abigail Gyasi
Wissam Hajjoul
Riley Hamilton
Mariam Hussain
Omar Ibrahim
Megan Irvine
Nicole Kenaya
Daphne Lamar
Elizabeth Lohman
Saleh Mashrah
Derek McBride
Logan McKendry
Abdi Mohamed
Nathan Murphy
Jerman Nkhato
Ogochukwu Okeke
Bria Parker
Chandni Patel
Megyn Pfeiffer
Mina Poles
George Poppas
Nathaniel Rogers
Sarah Saad
Jamir Shah
Juwon Shotala
Jacob Spence
Reed Steffen
Florence Umutoni
Guilaine Uwase
Oliver Wang
Stephanie Williams
Whitney Wolfe
Jacquese Woodruff
Guetwende Yameogo

October 2021